GeoPolygonField remains on the MapView after deletion

Which SDK and Platform version are you using?

SDK: v12.5.0
Platform: v4.2.1

Current Behavior

I suspect several things going wrong here:

  • After completion of the drawing of the polygon on the map, the polygon does not disappear (i don’t have any MapPolygon object in my map view). This used to not be the base and I am not so sure if this is a desired behaviour.
  • When deleting the first polygon, it remains on the map and redrawing a new polygon results in two polygons on the MapView. Moreover, when drawing a second polygon, the parametrization seems to keep in memory all the points of the previous polygon, some of these points are greyed out.

TO be checked if the same bug happens with GeoPolylines

Expected Behavior

The first polygon should at least be deleted from the map when clicking on delete, and its points must be reset.
Moreover, if there is no MapPolygon object, I would not expect to keep seeing the polygon after I drew it.

I think the reason is that clicking on the delete button for a GeoField does not trigger the app call flow, hence the MapView is not updated. When changing the params, the polygon disappears as expected.

This has been fixed in platform version v4.2.0.