GeometryView as image in code

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

The geometry view can be view from within the UI, however I can’t use this image in a word report or output file like with plotly.to_image() or matplotlib fig.savefig()

Is there an option to turn a GeometryView into an image? With a possible input being viewpoint, default = axo and fit to screen? Or something simular. It would be great to add this view to a Word Report

It is now possible a manual option, however this isn’t available in the backend

Hi Johan, thanks for providing this feedback.
This request has been raised before and i will add your usecase.

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Hello both,

I think the topic is very interesting too !

Please let us know progress about it :slight_smile:

Hi @matthijs

Do you have good news about this topic ?

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Hi BR,

No there’s no current update, i will raise the internal ticket with your request.

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