Geometry selection

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

As a a user I want to be able to select parts of a geometry which are used for further calculations so that I don’t have to use a dropdown on the input side, which is a lot less user friendly.

I think this is relevant for the VIKTOR platform because (3d) models are frequently used and improved user friendliness will make it easier to adopt new tools

Current workarounds

Using a dropdown + labels in the view

We started development on this feature. Current plans are:

  • First start with selection on the IFCView
  • Extend this with selection on the GeometryView

Will post updates on the feature here

I believe this is valuable for you @Tom_Nillesen, @Mike684


@RamiEvans This is something we’ve talked about as well, right?

We discussed this earlier as well @dgaspar So I thought that you might find it interesting to follow :slight_smile:

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We have released geometry selection on the IFCView. :tada:
visit the docs to learn how to make the interaction with your model more user friendly: Results & visualizations - 3D model | VIKTOR Documentation.

Next up is selection in the GeometryView, we are almost done with the implementation.

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