Geometry Label Point

Am i correct in thinking the point given for a Geometry Label is the centre of the text?
It would be much easier to specify the location for the start of the text as the length of my labels are inconsistent and results in a bit of a messy view.
Is this possible?
Or maybe to have the option of the point is referring to.

Hi Natalie,

The point is indeed the center of the text. Currently, it is not possible to specify an aligment on the Label, you would have to calculate it yourself.

We have alignment options on our radar as a possible improvement. However, even with the possibility of aligment it might still interfere with your view when rotating. We are currently considering adding layers to view results, this would allow you to toggle labels. Do you think a feature like that would benefit your usecases?

I think certainly label toggles would be useful as a feature.
I frequently use plotly as it allows switching layers off.
For now i can live with calculating the centre point