Generic Worker x Csharp

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if anyone has used the Generic Worker to launch projet with C# (exe file or a dll or cs file) ?
For example, itโ€™s easier to code Revoit or Robot with C# code instead of python.

How do I configure the worker?
Is there a specific procedure to follow?

Hello Louis,

With the generic worker you can run any kind of software on the machine where the worker is installed.
You can find more info on the generic worker here.

Basically how it works is:

  1. You send some input data from the VIKTOR app to the machine using the worker.
  2. you can start any script or program on the machine with the worker (with the data as input)
  3. the script or program outputs some data.
  4. that output data is send back to the VIKTOR app through the worker.

Hope this helps,