Generic user manual Viktor

After implementing more and more apps, it seems there is a certain treshold, which prevents user from using the apps on the first try. Only a few are able to flash a new app. :wink:

Things that are difficult to comprehend:

  • Navigate within an app
  • Difference between “browse, open and create, bladeren/open/creëer”)
  • Finding the manual and opening it (Manual is a single entity-type + entity which can only be used by one person at a time)
  • Use of table input
  • Apply full screen mode
  • Save before refreshing

Most of these things are just a matter of getting used to the UI. So I wanted to create a simple manual, but I assume this should be present within Viktor also.

So the question: Is there a generic user manual for Viktor available?

Hi Johan,

We currently don’t have a generic manual. However, if there are certain thresholds that prevent users from correctly using apps we should try to remove them, either by applying changes to the product or by providing better documentation. Would you be open to having a short call to discuss your points in a bit more detail and see how we can assist you with this?



yes that is always a possibility. It is always interesting how a new user thinks it should use an application. So feedback is always valuable. We usually keep Marcel informed as well :wink:

I’ll send you a dm