Geffile cannot be parsed

Iā€™m trying to upload some gef files in a workspace but all gefs fail to upload. The error Iā€™m presented with is as follows.


The code in which the error is raised is shown below (I reproduced the error in debug mode).

I have tried to play around with the arguments for the .parse() call but I have not been able to find a way to not get the error raised. Could anyone let me know what is wrong with the gef file(s)? Then I can try to edit the gefs manually so that they can be used in my workspace. Thanks!

1318-0175-000_DKM100.GEF (56.4 KB)
1318-0175-000_DKM101.GEF (109.6 KB)
1318-0175-000_DKM102.GEF (61.6 KB)
1318-0175-000_DKM103.GEF (107.7 KB)
1318-0175-000_DKM104.GEF (112.4 KB)


I suspect that the reason is that the GEF file contains a second ā€œ=ā€ on the line containing XYID and ZID. Specifically:

#XYID= 31000, 150643.30, 564205.30, 0.03, 0.03 = landcode, X-coordinaat, Y-coordinaat, meetonzekerheid X, meetonzekerheid Y
#ZID= 31000, -5.11, 0.03 = landcode, Z-coordinaat (waterbodem), meetonzekerheid Z

I did not test it yet (can give it a try tomorrow). I tested it out and it seems to work when you replace the above lines with:

#XYID= 31000, 150643.30, 564205.30, 0.03, 0.03
#ZID= 31000, -5.11, 0.03

You would need to do something similar for all of your gef files.

I hope this helps,

Sorry for the late reply Jorn but thanks for figuring it out, I will make sure to change my GEFs to avoid the = symbol.