Foutcode: Out of memory

Hi support,

I get a memory error in the Heibaarheidsanalyse app:

I started a batch calculation and after ± 100 calculations I get the error.
This morning I calculated a batch of 600+ calculations without problems.
Question: Which memory? At the Viktor server?
Question: Why out of memory if 600+ calculations has worked?

Rino van Dam

Hi Rino, thanks for reporting.

  1. This error is related to the memory which is available for your browser, which means it depends on the system (RAM) you are running the app / browser on.
  2. You mentioning it worked before, probably indicates that the available resources differ between the two attempts. For example, did you have a lot of other active tabs or software during the job that failed after 100 calculations?

Furthermore it could be the case that one of your views are very heavy for the browser in terms of memory. What kind of views are active at the moment of failure and do they contain massive amounts of data?

Hi Kevin,

Which memory is used by the app running?
If I’m right, every app has 500MB reserved memory to use (for making files, etc.).
That 500MB is on the Viktor server?
Is the memory error I get an error from the Viktor server?
Or is it a local memory problem?

The memory error in your screenshot above refers to local memory that is available for your browser (like I said in bullet 1).

You are correct about the 500MB memory limit, however this is the memory that can be used inside the docker container (which is still local by the way if you are running in development).

We noticed that cleaning the cache in Chrome helps.
And using Firefox instead of Chrome helps too.

Thanks for the information and the quick response.

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