FileField behaviour for upper-/lowercase file extensions

Which SDK and Platform version are you using?

SDK: v13.1.0
Platform: v22.04.0

Current Behavior

When uploading a file using a FileField with a file restriction, it doesn’t matter whether the file extension contains uppercase letters or not (e.g.: if the file restriction is “.geojson” it doesn’t matter if the file that will be uploaded has the extension “.GeoJSON”). However, when opening the drop-down menu of the FileField the upper-/lowercases do matter. So, in my example I am able to upload the .GeoJSON but I’m unable to select it in the drop-down as it’s looking for files that end with “.geojson”.

Expected Behavior

Both the upload and drop-down aspect of the FileField should have similar behaviour: both case-sensitive or not at all.

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Hi Martijn,

Thank you for reporting. We already had this on our radar and we are working on a fix in the current sprint.



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