Expand DataGroup in DataView by default

Hi all, im using the GeometryAndDataView to do some renders and shows some data, and basically is only a Datagroup with a list of Dataitems but i would like that when i render the view the group is automatically expanded. When the user runs that tab it looks like this:

But i want that the DataGroup is expanded by default without the need that the user has to click in the expand down arrow,

Hi there,

Thanks for your question. Currently it is not possible to set default expand/collapse states for a DataGroup.

I have made an internal issue to track this and will update you here when any developments follow from it. I will therefore also change your post to a feature request.

In this case though I would suggest that a table would possibly be more appropriate for your situation. The amount of data may simply be too large to communicate through a DataView let alone a GeometryAndDataView. This would ofcourse mean that you’d have to add another separate view in which to place your table, and I can understand if that is unacceptable for you, but I think it would be more friendly in communicating the information to the user.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for you comment. Initially we had a view with a table with that data, but we wanted to fusion the render and the data but i think we will go back to the previous implementation of separated views. Thanks.