Error on running viktor-worker-generic.exe

An error message that appeared when I attempted to execute the viktor-worker-generic.exe. what would be the possible solution for this?

Which tool versions are you using?

SDK: v13.x.x
Platform: v2022.x.x
Python: v3.x
Isolation mode: venv/docker

Current Behavior

Expected Behavior

Context (optional, but preferred)

Hi Krisha, welcome to the community, thanks for posting!

From your screenshot it seems like you have tried to run the worker without defining your own specific executable.

If you look in the docs on generic integrations you’ll see that you can define executables in the config.yaml file of the worker installation. Those executables are the jobs you can call op in your app code to have the worker perform a specific action. If I’m correct, the generic worker in it’s default state after installing has one example executable defined which points to a hypothetical matlab installation.
This matlab installation isn’t present on your machine (or at least not on the defined path C:\path\to\matlab) which causes the worker to fail on startup.

I’d suggest to think about what you would like the generic worker to do and to adjust the default example executable in the config.yaml file accordingly.

If you want some examples of how the generic worker can be used, there are some other integrations which make use of this worker (Rhino/Grasshopper, PLAXIS, Dynamo). There’s even some step-by-step tutorials available which describe the Rhino/Grasshopper and the Dynamo integrations respectively.

Hope that helped!!