Error during publication

Which tool versions are you using?

SDK: v14.6.1
Platform: v23.12.1
Python: v3.11
Isolation mode: venv

Current Behavior

publication fail during the packing phase

Expected Behavior

publication of app should work

Context (optional, but preferred)

Size of the app is approximately 500 MB. Content of Requirements.txt is:
torch --index-url
torchvision --index-url
torchaudio --index-url

content of viktor.config.toml:
app_type = โ€˜editorโ€™ # โ€˜editorโ€™ | โ€˜simpleโ€™ | โ€˜treeโ€™
python_version = โ€˜3.11โ€™ # โ€˜3.8โ€™ | โ€˜3.9โ€™ | โ€˜3.10โ€™ | โ€˜3.11โ€™
packages = [

I add open opencv in the system requirement because when I included opencv-python-headless it was failing with the falling errors:

Can you please look at it?

Best regards,
Jan Hofmann

Hi @Jan ,

Thanks for reaching out! Great to see that you are trying out the system packages (for those seeing this post, this is not officially released yet).

It seems that your error hints at what should be done. Try adding โ€œlibgl1โ€ to your packages list?

For an example, refer to the documentation (luckily enough, your exact error is used as an example):