Error decoding json from lambda

I am trying to upload and classify a .gef file using process function with the @ParamsFromFile decorator. After uploading 50+ .gef files only one failed to upload with the error message “Error decoding json from lambda”.

When investigating this error I found that it was raised when I tried to classify my GEFData object. To give some insight on how my code looks I’ve added relevant snippets below.

The error is raised in this code block.

where the cpt_data variable is obtained earlier by calling the following method.

The ground_water_level variable is set to 1 m below ground_level and in this case is -0.44.

I have added the qualification table that we use to this support ticket as well as the gef in question on which the error is raised.

I hope that with this information you can help me figure out why the error is raised and what the solution is to fixing it. If you need more information I can provide it.

qualification_table.txt (5.4 KB)
CPT000000203980_IMBRO_A.gef (179.2 KB)

Hi Rutger,

Thanks for reporting this issue, we were able to recreate the problem. We are looking into this.
We let you know when there is a solution.



Hoi Rutger,

The issue had been resolved. The GEF classification function was giving a lot of NaNs with this particular GEF.

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