ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement viktor==14.5.0

Hi, I have this error message:

I am not sure how I can solve this problem,

Can you help me?

Thank you,


Hi Jacopo,

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Have you tried updating your cli using viktor-cli upgrade?


Thank you for your question, what python version are you using? I see that pip can only find up until v13.8. I think you might be using python 3.7, version 14 and higher do not support python 3.7 any more, you will have to use 3.8 or higher.


Thank you all!


Hi all, I decided to reply here and not make a new topic since my error is kind of similar. I am using Python 3.11 and when I have explicitly stated in the viktor.config.toml. But when I attempt to run the Viktor cli install I still keep getting errors. I have attached the screenshot because I am unsure what to do. Best regards

Hi there Fidel,

I have a couple of questions:

  • Do you get a positive result when running viktor-cli check-system?
  • What version of the SDK have you got pinned in the requirements.txt file of this app?
  • Did you manage to install this app successful before? Or was this the first time you’ve tried to install an application?

Hopefully that’ll bring us somewhat closer to an answer for you

Hi Daniel,

  • In the requirements.txt I have Viktor 14.5.0

  • This is not the first time I have installed the app. It was successful before and I built a couple of apps from the tutorials

  • I am not getting a positive result when I run viktor-cli check-system. I have attached a screenshpt of what I am getting

Thanks for the clear response, have you tried re-running the configure command like the check-system suggests? It may be the case that your python installation has moved (the VIKTOR installation is also looking for python 3.10 while you stated earlier that you moved to 3.11 so that could very well be the problem).

By going through the viktor-cli configure flow once again and paying special attention to the python path you enter there this may be fixed.

After running the viktor-cli configure I entered the Python path then I was prompted for email and the tokken which I just pressed enter to keep the same but it exits because of an error I have attached a screenshot maybe I am setting the environment wrong

Yes that’s right, your development environment should be the VIKTOR-environment you’re working in. In your case that is “”

Thank you so much it worked

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