Enhancing Entity Viewing Experience in Tree-Type App

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

As an end user of a tree-type app, I would like to view the available children entities in a more user-friendly format than a single line, reducing the need for multiple clicks to navigate through children entity choices.

      • I don’t know if “children entity” is the correct wording. May the picture help to understand. * * *

I think this is relevant for the VIKTOR platform because …
A tree-type app should be capable of accommodating growth in size. On our end, we anticipate having 20 to 30 children entities in the mid term (40-50 in long term) for a single Tree-type app, and these children entity names may not necessarily be short, as they need to describe correctly the content of the children entity.

Submitter proposed design (optional)

Many solutions possible :

  1. In my opinion, the best long-term solution is to display available children entities in a manner similar to the app page, using box-style icons. This should allow for both text and pictures, arranged in a matrix of about 4 columns per n lines.
  2. As a short-term quick fix, you could consider displaying children entities on multiple lines. This could be implemented as an option controlled by a boolean parameter at the tree-type app level in the code.

Current workarounds

No workaround is available. It takes many clicks to navigate to the 15th or 20th children entity. It works, although it can be quite annoying.

P.S. In case the use of the tree-type structure was challenged, we intended to store any children entities in a data structure. This was only possible by placing 20-30 children entities inside a tree-type structure instead of using an editor-type or simple-type app for that purpose.

Follow up: having known about the existence of the “Cards” option of the constant “show_children_as” of the “Controller” class, and a presentation to our end users about the two display methods, we think it solves our current request.

Just a quick comment : While our presentation, only the cards (literally) display method was challenged by the end users since it takes a lot of space for the few information inside them (at least in our specific case). They were expecting cards in the form of a list, similar to the display option available in Windows’s “File Explorer”.

Hi Keven, thanks for your very elaborate feature request and very nice that you found a workaround for now allthough i understand it’s not a perfect solution.

I have a bit of trouble understanding your usecase fully. Would you mind explaining a bit more why you want that many child entitytypes?

Maybe good to allign our terminology a bit

  • a child entitytype is a separate type of object with it’s own code and own Controller class in python. Adding an entity type necessitates a code change
  • a child entity is an instance of the child entitytype. The child entities of the same type are grouped in the same tab and rendered in a table as seen in your screenshot. They can easily grow large in size. They are added by users and thus not need a code change

I believe the first part of my colleague’s answer in this post : (Managing rights in a tree app - #5 by pierreb) may address you question. I can elaborate further if needed.

Yeah ok. You can replaces anywere in my first post “children entity.es” by “children entitytype.s”.

Thank you for your help!