Engaging Through Recognition: Enhancing User Experience with Achievement Badges in VIKTOR

It’s not a must-have request by any means. It’s more an idea out of the blue I wrote while it was still fresh.

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

As an application developer, I want to rewards users achievements with badges or highlights to acknowledge utilisation within one given workspace.

If you think of a software such as Github, developers are rewarded for creating or completing items with badges: Github Achivements. It’s a little detail, but I think it does add to the human aspect of using Github (nothing warms my heart more than receiving a Quickdraw badge… okay I may exaggerate but you get the idea!)

I think this is relevant for the VIKTOR platform because adding an additional ‘soft-experience’ to the software could make user experience even more enjoyable in a very different sense than how we usually approach it. It’s a form of engagement that is shared among users.

Submitter proposed design (optional)

Keep the achievements nice and simple (X = 1, 10, 50, 100).

  • Create X entities
  • Save X entities
  • Delete X entities
  • Copy X entities
  • Rename X entities
  • Copy or Update an entity created by someone else (Pair Extraordinaire)
  • Save an entity within 5 minutes of its creation (Quickdraw)

As for the UI, it could be included in the activity statements, a separate tabs under activities (My activity, Group activity, Achievements), or somewhere completely different.



Going back to the initial statement, I’m well aware this represents a workload for a development team and the influence on user engagement is unknown. No user feedback was given for this request. It comes from using various software and how they tend to ‘gamified’ user experience, which does add a nice touch overall.

Great feature request Kassi, thank you for writing out this feature request.

We are currently working on better guidance for new developers in the product. Were we will also be adding goals to achieve. When iterating on this further we will definitely take this input into consideration!

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@rdejonge We would also like the option to add badges for users. We believe it could really help to increase user interactions of the workspaces.

Ideally, the maintainers will have the freedom to create badges linked to a action (of a specific entity type) with custom thresholds. If it is needed, we can help with input how this feature could look like.

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