EnergyViz is active again!

“It is deja vu all over again”. I am happy to share that I have re-activated the EnergyViz VIKTOR app that conducts energy analysis using #topologicpy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory #openstudio, and #EnergyPlus. Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd deployed a long-term server for my use which enabled me to install topologicpy as server software. Anyone can upload an .OBJ file of a building envelope (or use the downloadable building models). The software will slice it into floors, apply glazing based on your glazing ratio input, conduct the analysis for cooling, heating, and comfort and provide both visualisations and downloadable files. It is really amazing that all this is available through #free and #opensource software! My thanks go to Andy Skyrme and Marcel Slootweg who were tireless in finding bugs in the process and helped me get the server running robustly. The app times out after 10-15 minutes so if the server is busy, you might not get any results. If so, just retry at a different time. This is all proof-of-concept and I hope to write more sophisticated apps in the future. If you try your own model, please paste the visual results as a comment here. Would love to see what people are testing. Enjoy!



Hi there,

I’m not completely sure whether it’s applicable in this specific application, but have you seen the new functionality of VIKTOR regarding 3dm models?

It is now also possible to visualize 3dm models directly in VIKTOR’s GeometryView without any translation being necessary!

More information on this can be found in this post: SDK v14.4.0 released 🦏

Complements on the application, it looks great!

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Yes. But topologic already uses plotly so was super easy to continue using it for 3D viz. Thank you for the suggestion though. Will look into it in the future.

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