Dynamo package with SSO

We have a few apps which use a dynamo link to either Revit or Civil3D. We also changed to SSO some time ago, which throws an error in the dynamo Login.Login Node. It asks for a username and password but with SSO those aren’t used anymore. Is there a solution to this problem?


Hi Sven,
unfortunately the combination of computer authentication and SSO is not supported at the moment. This holds for the dynamo nodes, but also for other code using the viktor api outside of the product.

We want to introduce token based authentication enabling this usecase, i will add a link to your usecase in our internal issue tracker. Also i will convert this thread to a feature request.


Unfortunately what I expected. Thanks for the heads up! Is there a time indication for when this will be implemented? Some Apps/tools are currently not working anymore.

Unfortunately there’s no time indication i can share at the moment. will post an update here if i know more