Dynamo App Multi-threading

Hello All

I’ve successfully developed an application using Viktor with Dynamo as the backend.

I’m keen to understand Dynamo’s multi-threading capabilities. If multiple users access the application simultaneously, does Dynamo process these requests concurrently or sequentially? Can the worker facilitate multi-threading?

I’d appreciate insights into the mechanics of this.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Hi @Bayo,

You can change the value of maxParallelProcesses in the configuration file of the worker (config.yaml in the installation directory of the worker) to configure the worker to run jobs in parallel. It must be noted that this can only be used when you don’t use a fixed workingDirectoryPath (leave it empty or remove it completely from the config).

For example, when configured with maxParallelProcesses: 2 the worker can run two jobs in parallel. I do not know for sure that the Dynamo CLI won’t cause any problems when called multiple times, but this is probably something you can easily test.




Hello @rdejonge

Thank you. I will give this a go and revert.


I ran five separate Dynamo CLI calls, and they were executed in parallel, so good news!
I will publish the app and see if it also gives no issues with the Viktor worker.
Thank you.


I confirm that the Dynamo CLI allows multi-threading. Thanks!