Download files from file manager

It would be nice to be able to download previously uploaded files (using FileField) from the file manager. Currently, you’re only able to delete files from here. I’d suggest to add a small download button next to it (or perhaps download the file if you click on its name). This comes in handy if you don’t have the original file on your local system anymore, and you don’t want to construct a separate download button just for downloading it one time.

Found another usecase for this:

With the new functionality of reporting a bug →
As a developer I would like to be able to download the file that is uploaded: if/when this is causing the bug so I can reproduce the bug without having to contact the end-user to email the file.

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Thanks for the feature request and clear explanations on why this is desired. Added the request to our internal issue tracker.

The download functionality has been released with the latest platform release.