Download all File-Entitity files in batch

As an application user/developer I want to be able to download all files that are related to a certain entity type in batch, when the parent has no editor. Benefits for developers include greater ease of local recreation of the production environment with many files, for debugging purposes. Benefits for endusers are a greater value of Viktor as a project file management system.

Submitter proposed design

File selection could be similar to the already available “batch delete” functionality. Transfer the files in a compressed (zip) archive.

Current workarounds

None, other than downloading files one-by-one, which is obviously annoying and boring…

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Hi Thijs, thanks for the request!

For some cases a workaround could be to add a DownloadButton on the parent of these entities, however this requires the parent to have an editor of course. A zip is easily generated by adding multiple files in a DownloadResult: Managing files - Downloading files | VIKTOR Documentation

Thanks for your response Kevin,

My usecase is specifically for entities where the parent has no editor, so that workaround is not applicable. I’ve updated this in the Feature Request description.