Dfoundation not working for DEC Paalfundaties

Dfoundation (worker) not working

Dfoundation is not working for the Paalfundatie app, please assist

  • it seems like something is wrong with the server of worker

  • also problems with Dfoundation for the VWI workspaces
    maybe the is a more general problem

Hi Guido,

We need a bit more information. What error(s) do you get, and where? Did something change with the apps (update), worker, or D-Foundation software (e.g. license expiration)?

Hi Bas,

The worker on our own server finally worked


However for the paalfundatie app, I’m just a (key) user.
So it is clear for me from the code build-in error handling that dfoundation is not working.
But why not is a mistery, because I cannot get behind the UI.
Application nor worker nor software was updated, AS FAR AS I know
It is all installed on a (or more) Viktor server(s)