Demo-Installation Error

Hey there,
I have a problem while installing the viktor demo app.

Here is the Error-message with some context:

Successfully installed pip-23.3.1
Looking in indexes:
Ignoring numpy: markers ‘python_version < “3.8”’ don’t match your environment
Collecting viktor-connector==5.21.0
Downloading (554 kB)
---------------------------------- 534.0/554.4 kB 419.0 kB/s eta 0:00:01
ERROR: Wheel ‘viktor-connector’ located at C:\Users\ms\AppData\Local\Temp\pip-unpack-ha8ctvg6\viktor_connector-5.21.0-cp311-cp311-win_amd64.whl is invalid.

Exiting because of an error: installation of the app failed

I also executed the check-system:

V Operating system internet access
V Operating system access to PyPi
V Operating system access to VIKTOR system
V Operating system access to VIKTOR environment
V Python is installed correctly

The system check has been completed with the following conclusion:

V Your system is ready to use VIKTOR with isolation mode ‘venv’

Thanks you for your help!

Edit: This doesn’t happen to the demo-App only but for all apps.

Thanks for posting, welcome to the community!

Just some basic questions:

  • Did you manage to install applications succesfully before?
  • Could you try updating the connector quickly (viktor-cli upgrade) and seeing if that has any effect?

The demo-App would have been the first one.

viktor-cli upgrade gives me this output:

Exiting because of an error: unable to execute request on ‘api/v1/get-cli/’

Okay, it seems like you are on a network that is blocking part of the necessary connections for the CLI to work.

This page: Manage apps - Enterprise IT | VIKTOR Documentation details the specific domains that need to be whitelisted on your network in order to fully function.

Why the check-system command didn’t pick this up is still unclear. Our developers are looking into it and I’ll try to update you on progress on that front in this thread.