Demo app doesn't start

Which tool versions are you using?

SDK: v13.?.?
Platform: v2022.?.?
Python: v3.11.2
Isolation mode: venv/docker

Current Behavior

demo app doesn’t start


Expected Behavior

demo app should start

Context (optional, but preferred)

testing viktor app for problably use

Hi Stijn,

Could you share the output from viktor-cli when you run the get-started command in Powershell?



do you mean this command: get-started ? if so
the thing it said was this: Exiting because of an error: could not obtain activation code
and because it didn’t work with powershell i have done it in the command prompt , and that why i looked to the fact that my acount was activated , but that said that my account was already activated, and for the rest i got only one popup , what possibly explains the problem and that is this

What is the output when you run viktor-cli get-started manually in Powershell? (so not, the interface contains a typo).