Default rows per page


How can I change the default of rows per page? To lets say 100?

Thanks for sharing your feature request :slight_smile:

Changing the default is currently not possible on any page.

Can you share on which page this is and why you would like to have the number increased?

For some applications, such as the CPT, the default number of entities is quite high, and the limit of 10 is not adequate. We need to enhance user experience and reduce confusion by increasing this limit to around 50. However, since this requirement is specific to only certain applications, implementing a default setting that allows for this adjustment would be the most effective approach.

Do i understand it correctly that this is in the entity overview page? like below as example

I understand your proposal to make a developer/admin defined parameter, but am wondering if it wouldn’t be nicer to have this user defined? i think many products persists the users latest choise and re-apply this when you return

We can also look into increasing the default for all applications to 50, since the usecase for a low number of entities still remains similar?

yeah that would work

Nice suggestion!

We would also appreciate it if the default could be changed or at lease the users latest choice is remembered and re-applied when the user returns; Especially on child entities / childEntityManager. It will improve the user experience.

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This is also of interest to us (exact same scenario). It would be quite welcomed by our users. Except the pages would not be CPT but the different entity pages within the tree structure.

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