Current entities in live version

Hi support,

What changes in de code results in problems with current entities after a new publish?
Only changes in parametrization?
Every change in parametrization?
Also other changes in the code?
Does a checklist exists, so you can check this?
And if thsi gives problems, how is that solved?
Clears Viktor the database?
Or must a user delete entities?

Best regards, Rino van Dam

The publish command checks for incompatible changes in the manifest (removal/renaming of entity types that are already present in the database / changing names of top-level entities). If such incompatibilities occur, the developer is currently not able to republish it’s app, to prevent breaking stuff. Please contact VIKTOR in that case to discuss a migration strategy (e.g. clearing the entire database, or making manual modifications in the database) and publish the app for you. The developer is also currently not able to clear the app’s database by itself. See Command-line interface (CLI) | VIKTOR Documentation for more info.

You can make modifications to the Parametrization, but be aware that if you change the field location of previously filled-in fields, the values are not ‘mapped’ to the field anymore. For example:

tab.section.number = NumberField("") is stored in params['tab']['section]['number'], so if you modify to tab.section.number2 = NumberField(""), or tab.section2.number = NumberField(""), these fields will be ‘empty’ upon opening the editor, even though params['tab']['section]['number'] still exists in the database (the database was never touched).