Create image snapshot of 3D model

Through the API I’m starting a job and I get the 3D model as a download URL, which is great! On the clientside I’m rather limited to work with this though, so I was wondering if there’s a way to create an ImageResult (with a snapshot/photo/etc.) from the 3D model and return that instead. Is there a possibility to do something like that?


Hi Mark,

One way I have done this previously is saving as .obj, and then recreating the 3D model in Plotly. Plotly supports (some) static image exports, which allowed me to save a thumbnail of a 3D model to an image (please note the kaleido requirement)

I don’t fully know what 3D model you are using, and possibly some easier methods exist, but usually .obj is an easy format to translate your model to. Please note this is a hefty workaround, as you will also have to hardcode a lot of stuff (background / camera location and direction)

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the reply!

I will give the static image exports with plotly a try.

I’m using a 3D model created with the Geometry module from Viktor. Hardcoding some parameters for background/camera/etc. is to be expected, thats fine.