Create an app by just changing the name of the Grasshopper file doesn't work

I’m getting this error in the worker, trying to create my geometry preview in the app.
I’m using the method with Hops and I’ve already baked the mesh…

Than, I tried to change the name of the grasshopper-file from to ‘’ and the name is with underline…

I’m grateful for every tip! Thanks!

Hi @destefanova!

Welcome to the forum! Great to see you building Grasshopper apps!

If I understood correctly, you have finished the tutorial, and are now trying to upgrade the Grasshopper file with some of your own logic. But you run into an issue when parsing your outputs.

From first glance your output is a tree-like output. So probably some values that look like this:

To solve your error, try to flatten your outputs as much as possible. If you really need tree outputs, you can do this, but it will require another snippet of code.

Hopes that helps you out!

Thanks for the response! I’ll give it a try.
Just to be sure, for meshes from Karamba3d this method would also be possible, right?

Yes! Except for Breps, you can show any Rhino geometry as a GeometryResult!