Create a simple Grasshopper script with VIKTOR

Hi, I’m new to VIKTOR and Python so I’m having some struggles on using Grasshopper along with the tool. Saddly I couldn’t find any tutorial or sample script to help understanding how the integration works. Could someone explain how in fact the data from Grasshopper to VIKTOR back and forth (input and output) should be transmited? An example script would be from great help.

Hi Gustavo,

Thanks for your question. Have you checked out our Github page?
We have examples for many of our features as well as for some integrations.
For Grashopper specifically we have a sample app up there as well. Feel free to have a look at it and if you have any remaining questions let me know!

Hi Daniel,

when trying to run the sample, I get an error message on my worker side warning about a “Symbolic link found” and on the terminal side with the message “Something went wrong during the execution”. I checked the configuration and it seems to be in conform with the instructions… Do you have any ideia of what could be the problem?

Have you checked the paths indicated in the config and batch files? These paths have to refer to the correct locations on the machine you’re running your worker on

  • The path to where your batch script is located in the config file (example: C:\Program Files\Viktor\Viktor worker for generic v5.1.1\run_grasshopper.bat)
  • The path to your rhino installation in the batch script (example: C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System\Rhino.exe)
  • The working directory in which the in-/output files are stored by the worker (also indicated in the config file)

Thanks for replying Daniel,

I ended up reinstalling the worker and it now seems to be working as it should. I can now better understand how the integration between GH and VIKTOR works.

I really appreciate your support!


Awesome to hear, you’re welcome!