Could not generate manifest


I am getting this error:

This is the strucutre of my app:

Each have an ‘’ file:

The first 2 are empty, the app’s ‘’ file looks like this:

The viktor.config.toml looks like this:


What is the solution?


Hi Charlie, I will send you a DM

The issue was a Windows resource that could not be opened in production (Linux):

ImageFont.truetype('arial.ttf', 30)

This should be solved by copying the ‘arial.ttf’ file into the repository and providing a relative path:

ImageFont.truetype(str(Path(__file__).parent / 'arial.ttf'), 30)


I also get this error. I only seem to get it when I try to add a Storage to the application (not sure).
Could you help me out?

KR. Jan

Hi Jan,

I am seeing an error related to Storage indeed, can you successfully start the app in local development?

The error is about Storage that can only be initialized in a job call of an app. It can not be initialized outside of the app context, for example:

from viktor.core import Storage

Storage()  # will raise "Job token is not set"


I’m also getting this error when I try to publish my public editor type app. I have no clue what the problem could be.

I did update from an older v13 SDK version to v14.3.0 and made quite some changes compared to the previous version, but it does work and I get no errors while I use the app in Development.

Can you help me with this?


Hi Marieke,

The (public) editor-type app has some limitations, for example Storage is not available (see App types | VIKTOR Documentation).


Thanks for the quick response!
I am not using any of these in my app, so I don’t think that this could be the problem.

I’ll send you a DM