Copy paste in table input doesn't work anymore

It used to be possible to copy content from the TableInput to Excel, change it, and paste it back.
Now it doesn’t work anymore.

Apprently it remembers the clipboard from the Viktor app.

thanks for reporting johan, we are looking into this

we have confirmed the regression and are working on a solution, if you are encountering this issue please contact me personally

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Besides the font has been increased in the last update. Now a horizontal scrollbar is more likely to occur, which isn’t great. Would it be possible to have a “fit to div” option"?

Or another way to reduce the width, so people don’t have to scroll horizontally, which is not done.

@matthijs is hier al meer over bekend?

Het lijkt nog steeds fout te gaan.

As discussed in teams you mentioned that you havent seen the scrollbar in a while, so let me know if that returns.

Wrt the copy-paste and creation of non-breaking spaces: you mentioned that this happens when copy-pasting within VIKTOR. I have not yet been able to reproduce this. Do you have a reproducable case?