Copy Paste and drag down function in table input

At the moment the copy paste function only works for a single cell.
If I have a table of more than 2 rows (most of the cases) I give the users the option to give unique values for each row. However in many cases multiple/all rows have the same value in a specific project.
In that case you want to select multiple cells, copy these, select multiple rows (ctrl + shift + arrow down or by using the mouse) and paste in the selected rows.
This simply doens’t work at the moment. So I just copy paste to and from Excel, but even this isn’t bug free.
There is a dragdown option but it doesn’t work for multiple cell and it doesn’t work when you double click the button in the right-bottom corner.

I have had multiple comments from users that this doens’t work the way they are used to in Excel.
A work around I made is a SetParams buttons and a multiselect button for the row and the parameters to overwrite. Which works and is easy to develop. But it is sort of an overkill as the UI of the table should support this.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Johan,

I only saw your post just now. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll follow up on this…

For me to get some context: Did some/all of these features you indicate work in the past? We are constantly looking for better alternatives, so it could always be by replacing table types that some lesser used features get lost in the process.

For what I remember the copy paste did work well.
For us the Table input is on of the most features and mainly the copy/past or dragdown/autofill options are really useful.

Another use case if you have an optionfield and you copy/paste it down. It doesn’t recognize the value as valid.
If you want I could also demonstrate it to someone through teams.

Hi Johan,

Our team seams to be aware of these issues. We will keep you posted when steps will be taken to address this.