Connecting the GeoJson and the Data in GeoJSONAndDataView

Hi all,
As a developer I want to show data in a DataView and the related position of the data in a GeoJSONView. Fortunately, there is the GeoJSONAndDataView!

But now the data and its counterpart on the map are not linked. With over 30 objects in the data, it is not really user friendly to look for the object on the map. Is there a way to click on the data object to go to the related object on the map or the other way around? Or is it possible to highlight the map object if one clicks or hovers over a row in the data?

Kind regards,

Hi Laurensk,

I’m happy to hear you found the right view for your usecase.

There is no hover functionality for the dataview. However, an alternative approach could be to add an optionfield or a multiselectfield, which filters the object on the map and the data in your dataview.

Please refer to our github for an example of how to filter data. Please also check out the published version of the app.

If you have any further question, please let me know!