Changing branches while publishing an app

When running the viktor-cli publish APPNAME TAG command, it grabs a snapshot of the code from the current Git branch for publishing, and we can see the progress of the publishing workflow.

 SUCCESS  uploading completed!
 SUCCESS  packing completed!
 SUCCESS  checking completed!
 SUCCESS  Successfully published application!

This whole work-flow takes a few minutes to complete. In the meantime I would like to continue developing and change git branches to start working on a new feature.

Do I need to wait until the whole work-flow is completed, before I can switch branches?
Or could I already switch branches after I get the message: SUCCESS uploading completed! ?

Follow up question:

Since the published TAG is in no way coupled to the local/repo tag, is there a way to check the state/code of the currently deployed app? I can imagine that if you locally tag the code “v1”, (accidently) checkout a different commit, and publish to “v1”, this would (wrongly) give you the impression that the published code equals the local v1 code.

on switching branches after upload:

The steps after uploading take place on the server, so your local machine is from that moment on only printing out the progress. Switching your branch can not interfere with the publishing, so i don’t see a problem in that.
However, if a problem is encountered during the checking phase, be aware that that error might not correspond to the files you see.

on checking out the state of the code:

no this is not possible. you can see the published versions with the describe command, but it does not let you inspect the code. we are thinking of adding a feature of automatically taking the git tag when present. this prevents this sort of error from happening.