Change account's e-mail

Is it possible to chage the email from my account where I have my apps published?

Thanks, Ana

Hi @ana.faria ,

You could add your new email as maintainer to the apps that you have created/published. This can be done by navigating to the apps in the app store, and adding the email to the maintainer roles when editing the app.

Does this solve your issue?

Hi @mslootweg
I’m not sure if that will work, because my account e-mail will cease to exist. In that case, can someone create an account with another e-mail and if I place it as maintainer the apps will be available on their account?

Thanks, Ana

Hi Ana,

I guess the best approach would be the following (at least what I can think of now):

  1. Ask the admin of your VIKTOR environment to add the new user (your new email) to the environment (make sure that you are given developer rights).
  2. Let the admin also add your new account as maintainer to the apps that you are currently maintainer for.

What will happen is that you will receive login instructions in your new email inbox, and you’ll be able to develop and publish apps as of old once you’ve completed the developer onboarding.


I’m currently admin and dev on my account. Would that be viable on a free account? Because I can’t seem to change or add any users.

Thanks for your help, Ana

Ah now I understand. If you are are a free user, then you unfortunately do not have those functionalities available. I guess the easiest would be to simply re-publish your apps on your new account.

Thank you. I’ll do that.