Cannot enter entity after uploading ~200 files

Part of an app I’m currently working on takes gef files as input and creates a soil profile over a certain line based on these gefs. During development I tested my code with 5 gefs and it all worked fine but we are reaching the end of development so I wanted to bulk test my code with 201 gefs. I did so and the tool seemed to work fine. However, I left the entity and then wanted to open it again later but I cannot do so anymore. The app says loading failed but my VS Code doesn’t give me any error or warning messages. Could this have something to do with the amount of gef files? And if yes, is there a maximum I should constrict the user to? If no, can someone help me find out what the problem is and how to fix it?

Hi Rutger,

Are you saving all GEF data on your params?
The parametrization calls are set to time-out after 15s.
Could you check if you get this error after 15s?
If so, some suggestions:

  • you could structure your app with smaller sub-entities, each containing a single or sub-group of GEFs
  • you could upload GEFs as MultiFileField on the params. This way they are not included in the parametrization call.

Hi Yannick,

I think I misworded myself, each gef is an entity initiatied with @ParamsFromFile. The entity in which I get my error is the parent of all the gef entities.

To answer your question, it does seem to timeout after about 15 seconds. If you zoom in on the bottom right of the screenshot of the first post you can see that the job ‘completes’ after about 16.5 seconds which is decently close to 15.

Since each gef is it’s own entity I cannot apply a MultiFileField but maybe structuring the app differently could work. Could you explain a little more what you mean exactly?

Thank you,

Hi Rutger,

I suspect that the params of your parent entity are too large.
Can you send me a snippet of the parametrization of the parent entity in a direct message?

Hi Rutger,

Thanks for sending your code snippet.
I cannot see any problem with the parametrization itself. Perhaps the callbacks that are referenced on the parametrization are causing the time-out. Could you try to remove all callbacks on the parametrization and see if you can open the editor? After that you could add the callbacks one for one to find out which one might be causing a time-out.