Calling ideas for a Revit-integrated application using pyRevit!

Hi all!

I am building a proof-of-concept application in which I will use VIKTOR to automate a Revit model with some parameters.
I could model a simple slab or wall to prove the integration works however an interesting example that combines the power of pyRevit and VIKTOR is more convincing!

Do you have any suggestions/ideas or any questions you would like me to answer/investigate?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!


@Bayo maybe you are interested in this topic?

interresting! what kind of automation?

Hi @Yien,
Thank you for your question!
I am trying out Revit with Python and I hope to work towards exporting floor plans as a first step and POC. The VIKTOR app would let a user upload a model, select desired plan views from the floor plan menu, be able to preview them in the app and download them using a DownloadButton.
This should enable any colleagues to access the relevant floor plans without the need to know Revit.
If you have any tips or things I should look out for let me know!


Thanks for the shout @mslootweg
@ThomasN, I’m wondering if Viktor can support this feature: I’d like to streamline my workflow on Viktor by transferring data directly from a Viktor app to a PyRevit extension using a JSON file. This would facilitate creating native Revit objects like floors, walls, and roofs from the JSON data, similar to how Test-fit and Autodesk Forma operate with Revit. As an example, my current Dynamo workflow allows users to automate parking layout designs. It’d be beneficial if we could effortlessly send this layout to Revit in the form of a JSON file, to be processed using a PyRevit extension. Appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks!

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Hi @Bayo,
Thank you for your input!
From what I have been able to gather so far, you should be able to run any pyRevit script on a model or set of models in the form of a batch through the pyrevit CLI. I assume you want to have some meaning attached to the solids and this Autodesk forum post explains some options that you can possibly use in combination with a pyrevit script! If you find a way to do it let me know!

Hi Thomas

Thank you. I gave it some thought, and I think the best way to get this to work is to export a JSON file from the Dynamo script whenever the Viktor app user runs it. The JSON file could then be sent to the pyRevit extension (need to research how this works) or downloaded. Can I download the JSON file from Viktor or send the data to a pyRevit extension? The pyRevit extension then reads the JSON file and uses Revit’s classes to build the Revit elements.

interresting. And could users also view Revit’s sheet? (not a pdf)

H @Yien!

If I understand your question correctly you are curious if the views in Revit can directly be seen in VIKTOR?
If yes I do not think so. The VIKTOR worker needs to send a file and that needs to be exportable from Revit. However, as long as the file you are exporting is compatible or can be converted to something compatible with VIKTOR, you will be able to visualise that View!