Caching GenericAnalysis

Is there a way to cache the GenericAnalysis (and/or all its associated results files) so I don’t have to re-run the simulation if I don’t need to? A code snippet would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Dear Wassim,

Thanks for your question. The simplest way to achieve this is to memoize the method which your GenericAnalysis is in (see the docs). The snippet would then look something like:

def func(*, param_a, param_b, param_c):
    generic_analysis = GenericAnalysis(files=files, executable_key="executable",
                                        output_filenames=["output.xml", "geometry.json"])
    return result

class Controller(ViktorController):

    @DataView("Results", duration_guess=30)
    def get_data_view(self, params, **kwargs):
        result = func(param_a=..., param_b=..., param_c=...)

        return DataResult(...)

You do however need to keep in mind that there are some strict limitations to the use of the memoize decorator. Most importantly in this case is that the inputs as well as the outputs of the method being memoized have to be serializable. So that is something to take into account when preparing the files for the GenericAnalysis as well as the output parsing.

Another option would be to involve the Storage capabilities. You could in that case include a check for a change in significant parameter values and if no change has occurred since the last storage entry of the analysis results, return the file directly from storage. If the params have changed, run the analysis again. Be warned though that this method is a lot less robust and therefore yields less value and requires more development work.

Hope that helped, if you have more questions let me know!