Bug in viktor.geo.gef_visualization

Which tool versions are you using?

SDK: v14.3.0
Platform: v23.09.4
Python: v3.10
Isolation mode: venv

Current Behavior

When trying to visualize a gef using VIKTOR’s gef_visualization method in developer mode I get presented with the following warning.

When releasing the exact code that I used in my development environment and trying to visualize a gef in the production environment I am presented with an error. The error is listed as follows.

The code in which this error is presented is shown below.

Expected Behavior

I expect the gef_visualization to not throw an error but more generally speaking I expect the production environment to behave in the same way as my developer environment.

Hi Rutger,

Thanks for reaching out, we are working on a fix in the SDK.

As a temporary fix you should be able to pin matplotlib in the requirements.txt like so:

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This has been fixed in SDK v14.6.0! SDK v14.6.0 released 🎉

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