BUG: Empty SiblingEntityOptionField in dynamic array is not included in parametrization

Which tool versions are you using?

SDK: v14.8.0
Platform: v24.03.2
Python: v3.11
Isolation mode: venv

Current Behavior

Normally when you leave a field empty, in this case a SiblingEntityOptionField it would be included in the params with a value of None.

Now when I include the SiblingEntityOptionField in a DynamicArray the key is not in the params anymore which results in an AttributeError. This feels very inconsistent (and unexpected).

current workaround is catching the AttributeError.

Expected Behavior

Consistent behaviour and the key should be always included in the params/

This behaviour seems to be only happening on the initial run: so after initializing the Entity. If you fill in a SiblingEntityOptionField and after that delete it the behaviour is as expected.

Hi Wichard,

This indeed seems to be a bug, thank you for notifying us! I’ve added it to our internal Bug tracker; we’ll use this post to keep you informed on the progress.

Kind Regards,