Blank line

How can you add multiple blank lines in a Text ?
To create between a header and a paragraph for example.

And is there a way to have a title and then with a sentence below with not the standard space in between but with a smaller space in between?

Hi Anne,

This is the standard spacing for a H1 heading in markdown and can not be changed. You can try to use a H2, H3 or H4 heading by changing the number of hashtags.

# H1 Heading
## H2 Heading
### H3 Heading
#### H4 Heading

Or maybe you can just use Bold text as heading using:

This is where the paragraph goes.

Hope this solves your problem.



Also, it could happen that projects use multiple text objects such as the example defined below:

my_heading = Text("# My heading")
my_paragraph = Text("My very long paragraph...")

This could lead to unwanted large gaps between the text objects. To ensure this does not happen, add the text to one text object, e.g.:

my_text = Text("""# My heading
My very long paragraph.

And another paragraph...

And another paragraph...

Thank you!

Do you also know how to create extra blank lines in between a header and a paragraph?

Thank you for you answer!