Autosave function

Dear support,

Is there a function in viktor to autosave a project every for example 30 minutes? A colleague of mine has lost his progress because of inactivity on the application. Ideal would be to create a new save that is overwritten every x minutes.


Dear Ikbal,

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, as far as I know this does not exist at the moment. You could create a feature request! In the meantime, the best would be to recommend your colleagues to use the save button more often.

I have never noticed this problem personally, in what situation did this occur? Is it possible they have put their laptop in sleep mode or something similar without saving? Or left a tab open for a long while (>1hr) without interacting at all?

Indeed, my colleague went to have dinner, which took (I presume) longer than 1 hour. I have recommended him to save his project more often.

Thank you for your response.


Hi Ikbal,

A nice way you can use the save button can be to save each time the user has performed a single action (for instance change the soil layout), similarly to you as a developer might think about a commit. That way the save history is very clear and you can easily revert single changes, which can be nice in case they made a mistake, or they changed their mind. This way of thinking will probably also increase the number of saves.

I hope this helps!

Hi Ikbal,

As Paulien mentioned there is currently no autosave functionality in the VIKTOR platform. However, this is a feature that we plan on adding to the platform in the future. The first step into this direction is a storage functionality that you can use in your apps to permanetly store data. We plan to release this feature end of March / beginning of April