Automatically create a child entity when creating a project

Within my app, I have the following structure:

   - Project 
       - Designer
       - Reference Library  

So, within each project I have a “designer” as well as another entity called “library”. Once the library is created it is filled with default values, but they could be changed for each project if the need arises.

Currently I have treated it as any other entity. This means that the user needs to manually create a library entity for each project by clicking on the “+” icon as usual. It is automatically filled with all the default values as expected. However, since this library is rarely modified, it can be very easy to forget to create it each time, and this can be confusing for the user.

Is it possible to automatically generate the child entity upon creation of the project?

It is not possible to automatically generate child entities.

You could use the copy functionality to copy a Project along with its children, such that they are always there. In your specific case I think you could also make a DefaultLibrary entity type which is used when no Library child is created (or hardcode the values?).

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Hmm, the default library sounds like a good workaround! Thanks!

Alternative workaround using pages is described here