Automated testing without unittest

How would one run tests with the viktor-cli if you are not using the unittest library? I assume that it would not work with the command viktor-cli test <APP_NAME>?

Or would one then need to use the command viktor-cli run <APP_NAME> --python -m unittest discover -s tests?

"… you are free to use any testing framework you want. However, the test or ci-test commands use the unittest framework. The reason for this is that unittest is the built-in testing framework, which we prefer over an opinionated third-party framework. If you want to use another framework I would suggest adding a ci stage that runs tests using your framework of choice

Installation and invocation of pytest can be done using the following commands:

./viktor-cli run APPNAME -- pip install -t /usr/src/packages pytest
./viktor-cli run APPNAME -- python -m pytest .

(quoted @rdejonge from the Slack channel)