App works fine on development but not when published

Hi everyone,

I am pretty new to both python viktor, so please excuse my dumb questions. I’ve developed an app and seems to work on development workspace without any warning messages or errors. But when I publish some parts does not work.

Do you know any way or tool do debug what is going on production workspace?

edit: here is my code

Thank you!

Hi Atilla,

Welcome to VIKTOR! I see that you are using locale in your app. Published VIKTOR apps run on Linux where the locale you want to use in not available by default. A similar request for supporting locales can be found here for which a solution has been released.

Following the advice @rkg should solve your issue:

There is a solution for those searching this issue. Add the following line to your viktor.config.toml:

packages = ["locales-all"]

This uses the recent packages option to install the locales-all package. that package includes all locales, not just those configured in the default docker image.

Let me know whether this solves your problem!

Happy coding!

P.S. more information on this functionality can be found here

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