Adding Plotly image in input side

Hi all

Is there any way to include a plotly graph in the input side of the app? I need to include a graphic explanation of an item which an item can hover. the image would go embedded within text, and within part of one Tab

I cannot see a clear example and plotly appears to be included as part of the outputs, in parametrization

Hi @marcova10,

Thank you for your question, if I understand correctly you are wondering if it is possible to have the interactivity of a plotly graph as an β€˜Image’ in the parametrization.

The short answer is that is not yet possible.
The ’ Image’ field takes a static image that is stored in the assets folder.
The image itself that you store here cannot be dynamic however it’s visibility can be . It is also limited to a .png or a .jpeg file format so you could save a plotly graph as a compatible format but you will lose the hovering capability.

I hope this answers your question!

Thanks thomas.
The intent is not to trigger any code update. I would be after a 3D image that can be rotated in 3D as a Mesh3d in plotly.

Another option is to include an IFrame from an external source having a plotly image stored somewhere else, would that be possible?

Hi @marcova10 ,
That will not be possible. Although it would not be an output, you can render it in the PlotlyView. The view does not necessarily need to be an output so you can have the full functionality in there.
The IFrame could also work but I highly recommend you try the PlotlyView first.
It is not uncommon to use the views for inspection/explanation :smiley:

Hi @marcova10 ,

This seems to me like you would be interested in the feature request: