Adding outlines to SailLayout visualisation

Is it possible to add outlines to each layer of the SoilLayout Visual.

Hi @NBouwman,

It is absolutely possible to do that. But the “how” depends on what you are using currently to build the visualization. If you are using the helper function from the sdk, then you have no influence over the end result. However, you can offcourse use parts of the “standard” sdk visualization, and combine that with your own plotting method for the soil layout.

It looks to me like you are using a plotly visualization right now. The soil layout visualization used is a stacked bar chart. Browsing through their gallery i found this example, where they control every aspect of the bar:

fig.update_traces(marker_color='rgb(158,202,225)', marker_line_color='rgb(8,48,107)',
                  marker_line_width=1.5, opacity=0.6)

I think the marker_line_width does exactly what you want.

N.B., you can apply this directly to your Fig object, so you don’t have to combine custom visualizations with your own method for the soillayout, you can just do it directly on the fig object!

we seem to be using the matplotlib.pyplot.
but i might change it to plotly as i am more familiar with it

Ah, well it’s pretty much the same story. Looking at their docs i see the same options to set line thickness and color of bars:

edgecolor color or list of color, optional
The colors of the bar edges.
linewidth float or array-like, optional
Width of the bar edge(s). If 0, don’t draw edges.