Add user manuals/guides/walkthrough videos to applications

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

As a developer/Product owner I want to add and make user guides easily accessible within the VIKTOR platform for a specific application so that the users are better informed and instructed on how to use an application.

I think this is relevant for the VIKTOR platform because it lowers the threshold for users to understand and onboard themselves on an application.

Submitter proposed design (optional)

Several suggestions were submitted. Here are some:

  • Add multimedia to the description page of an application
  • Link documents within the code to the description (e.g., are available in codes, if standard additions such as USER_GUIDE.pdf or USER_GUIDE.mp4 could be added as well). This would address the different version conundrum.

Current workarounds

Add user manual to the application interface at the start as an introduction. Presenting the guide as a PDFView

Requested by

@Jon , Deepshikha S.

Definitely! This will make a user more independent, and they can make the most out of the tool. Sometimes all the features/steps are not intuitive, and a user guide/ demo videos can be really helpful.

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