Activation Problem

When I tried to activate my account I cannot get any activation code from PowerShell. It can be seen in the attached screenshot. How can I solve this problem?


Hi Keskin,

Welkom on the forum, thanks for asking your question.
It looks like your account is already activated. Regarding activation, this can also be done manual using viktor-cli.exe configure. The cli will ask for you credentials and a token. The token can be regenerated in the user settings menu, which can be found in the top right corner in the VIKTOR interface.

This is currently not the problem you are facing, it looks like that either your laptop or network you are working on is blocking certain traffic. Both the public PYPI pyhton package repository and the VIKTOR platform cant be reached over https. So maybe check with you system admins if the correct certificates can be whitelisted.

More information can be found here:

Let me know if this was helpfull, or you need more help.

Dear Maarten,

Thanks for your reply. Actually I am using the VIKTOR from my personal computer and ISS.

Although i did not get a code from PowerShell, my account did not see activated.

I tried to run the demo app according to guideline that shared on the website, but i did not do it. I used to VIKTOR create an app before the updating the VIKTOR system but now, I did not do it. How can I solve this “Please and Install VIKTOR” problem?



Hmm, something went wrong with the installation wizard.
Remove the the file called ‘configuration’ in ‘c:/Users//.viktor’ (this is a hidden folder, so make sure to enable to see those.)

Than you can restart the installation wizard by clicking ‘start’ on the warning message.


I tried but i did not work also. Still I cannot get activation code from the PowerShell.

Should I do anything on my ISS or computer configurations? I confused actually.


To be clear, you removed the ‘configuration’ file in the .viktor folder, but you still get the message in powershell that your account is already activated?

For now delete the .viktor folder completely. Restart the wizard in the browser. (by clicking the start button).
Now the flow should start from scratch and you should now get an activation code.


For now I got the code and activated the account. Thanks for your help!

I will check to publish the demo app right now.


Good it worked out.

There is no need to ‘publish’ the demo app. When you start the demo app in powershell (with viktor-cli.exe start, you can see and use the demo app in your personal development workspace in the browser.

You are ready to ‘publish’ when you have developed an awesome app of your own and are ready to share it with the rest of the world.