2nd executable to generic worker not working

I’m trying to add a second executable to my generic worker and it doesnt seem to like it

2022-12-08 12:00:44 ERROR CONFIGURATION_ERROR: Configuration file 'config.yaml' is not valid, please check the file content of this file in the installation directory
2022-12-08 12:00:44 ERROR A fatal error has occured. The worker will exit in 30 seconds

Can someone help me fix it?

Hi @NBouwman, I am not sure if this is currently possible. If I read the docs it looks to me like it probably isn’t (because we mention the executable that needs to be evaluated):

I’ll check and get back to you.

I may be getting ahead of things here, but which executables would you want to chain? I imagine maybe it’s possible to combine that chain of events in a python script which you can then call from the generic worker (thus calling only 1 executbale, python, but still getting multiple actions done)

Im not needing to chain events, but I thought it was possible to have 2 different calls in a generic worker.

In my case they would both be for plaxis, thus one is called “plaxis” and the second would be “plaxis log” or similar.
they work differently, one using the plaxis scripting tool to make a model, and the other runs a batch file.

I could of course just use a second worker if its not possible


EDIT I checked and it should be possible to call multiple executables in 1 go. There is probably a different issue with your config, perhaps if you share it we can see what’s going on.

Hi This is my .yaml
The first section is the original part that works fine.
I have added the second part

  plaxis: #
    path: 'C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Geotechnical\PLAXIS Python Distribution V1 Update 1\python\python.exe'
    - 'C:\work\plaxis\input_script.py'
    workingDirectoryPath: 'C:\work\plaxis'
  plaxis_log_file: #
    path: 'C:\work\plaxis_log\RUNcalculation.bat'
    workingDirectoryPath: 'C:\work\plaxis_log
maxParallelProcesses: 1 # must be one, as the workdir is statefull. Please do not change

solved. its missing an ’ by the working directory path :smiley:

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